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A Happier Man, Issue #99--Masculine Activities
November 20, 2017

Issue # 99

Masculine Activities

Masculine activities are one of the major keys to a happier life...for men.

The most masculine men of past generations spent all their time doing masculine activities all day, every day, all the time.

They had to for their survival and the survival of their families.

Farmers, ranchers, miners, lumberjacks, construction workers, mechanics and factory workers were all physically demanding jobs that created strong, muscular, masculine, tough men who could withstand the daily beating these jobs required. They had no choice. Be masculine, be tough or die.

The problem with modern life in the west is there is no real need to for men to spend any time on masculine activities anymore.

There is just an ever so tiny slice of western men in tough jobs. And these tough jobs are not tough like they used to be. They are only somewhat tough, a small portion of the time. Most of the time they are quite cushy compared to the demands of generations ago.

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