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A Happier Man, Issue #153-- What You Are Not
November 09, 2019

Issue # 153

What You Are Not

Decide what you are not and your life gets easier, happier and better. Strip away all the nonsense of what you don't really need to do. You create the time you need to live a great life once you stop doing anything and everything not related to your dreams.

You can only be happy deciding on your dreams and then taking actions toward them.

You have dreams right? Or have they been crushed?

I know for most of my life, most of my dreams were crushed. I spent years with no time to dream, or even think about what I wanted. I was so busy doing things for other people, there was no time for me.


Anything I wanted to do took a seat so far back, there was no chance it would happen for me.

Years of wasted time. Years of enormous effort applied to things I did not want to do.

Thousands of dollars spent on foolishness that has not helped me and put me further behind.

Doing anything of value that you desire in your life takes time. And lots of it. Without excess time, your ability to create anything good in your life is extremely limited and almost impossible.

Time is the critical element.

Most of us struggle against this simple concept. We have no time. We are too busy with everything else we have no time for what truly matters to us.

That's why deciding what you are not is such an important life changing task.

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