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A Happier Man, Issue #158-- Masculine Biceps Tips and Training
December 14, 2019

Issue # 158

Masculine Biceps Tips and Training

Let's face it. No muscle looks as good on a man as big masculine biceps.

Big, thick, bulging out your shirt sleeves, maybe even a vein or two criss-crossing your arms. I thought all men wanted that look and were willing to keep pumping iron enough to get it.

Not really.

Most men today seem like they are going out of their way to keep their arm size as small as possible.

Maybe they are lazy.

Maybe they are injured.

Maybe they are bending over backwards trying to please someone else and have no time to weight train.

Maybe they don't want to offend someone.

Maybe it is easier to play with a smart phone with spaghetti like arms and thin fingers.

But this is not a very masculine look.

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