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A Happier Man, Issue #162-- Your Future Happiness
January 15, 2020

Issue # 162

Your Future Happiness

In addition to your happiness now you need to think about your future happiness. The next most important person in your life after the present you is the future you.

But most people get this wrong.

Some people just focus on the future, squirreling away all their money now, scraping and scrimping, never doing anything fun. Many stay in a bad job rather than going after something better because of the fear of loss of retirement benefits or starting over. Or even worse, some stay in a bad marriage to avoid the loss of money and property from a divorce.

This overemphasis on the future you will ruin your present.

Some people just focus on the present. Overeating, over-drinking, over-drugging and over merriment now with no thought of how overdoing anything now, which is just hard living, will negatively impact your future happiness.

I've been somewhat guilty of both these extremes. When I was a younger man I found it difficult to spend some of the money I earned on my desires. I did to a small degree occasionally and have the fantastic memories of those great times to enjoy for the rest of my life.

But I tended to not do much of this. I set aside a large percentage of my income for the future. And I felt guilty whenever I did spend more on traveling, fun adventures, nicer clothes or enjoyments of whatever kind.

But all this guilt, extreme effort and dedicated frugality was totally wasted with no good memories to show for it and no money in the bank because I spent all this money trying to please my wife with an expensive house, expensive remodeling and generally overdoing everything.

When I finally realized I could not have any chance at a good life staying married to her, I stayed longer partly out of fear of loss of money from a divorce.

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