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A Happier Man, Issue #175- Focus on You
May 20, 2020

Issue # 175

Focus on You

Focus on you if you want a great life.

If you want a miserable life, or a poor life or even a mediocre life life you will spend most of your time, money and energy running around chaotically bending over backwards trying to please others.

Yes, you will have to help, work with and cooperate with others. And there is a ton of satisfaction when you lend a hand, give some needed guidance and even provide money to others, especially the people closest to you.

But in a balance of emphasizing how you want your life to go. Think of it like your happiness first, helping others second.

Your happiness and everything that goes with happiness (love, peace, harmony, laughs, abundance, health, satisfaction, pleasure, low stress, etc.) starts and ends with you.

How do you change your life for the better?

YOU make YOUR life a priority.

Doesn't everyone do this already? Obviously, no.

If they did, they would all have happy lives.

Most people fritter their lives away thinking about things that have nothing to do with them. Or worse, they unselfishly give, give, give to others who mostly take, take, take. The more you give, the more they want.

You have to get past this being selfish is a bad thing idea and focus on you. Your needs and your desires.

I know this isn't what you are going to hear from most sources. You have heard the opposite your entire life.

But if you look closely and critically, the people who talk about being unselfish the most want you to bend over backwards for them.

They have an obscene level of selfishness. The kind where they get and gather up most of everything leaving you with nothing and laughing at you for stupidly doing what they say.

So, what's the answer?

Do you have to go all the way to their side and become takers doing everything in your power to force others to unselfishly give to you?


Just step to the side of that nonsense way of thinking. Focus on you and your life gets better. Lose the focus and your life gets worse.

You don't have to take from others to do this.

Just tip the table a bit toward your way and focus on you long enough and with enough persistent effort to make your life great.

Once you're at a higher level, you will have more capacity to give, if you choose to do so and if that is your choice.

An abundant, prosperous, happy man has a more to offer than an unhappy, poor man anyway.

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