Focus On You

Focus on you if you want a great life.

If you want a miserable life, or a poor life or even a mediocre life life you will spend most of your time, money and energy running around chaotically bending over backwards trying to please others.

Yes, you will have to help, work with and cooperate with others.  And there is a ton of satisfaction when you lend a hand, give some needed guidance and even provide money to others, especially the people closest to you.

But in a balance of emphasizing how you want your life to go.  Think of it like your happiness first, helping others second.

Your happiness and everything that goes with happiness (love, peace, harmony, laughs, abundance, health, satisfaction, pleasure, low stress, etc.)  starts and ends with you.

How do you change your life for the better?

YOU  make YOUR life a priority. 

Doesn't everyone do this already? Obviously, no.

If they did, they would all have happy lives.

Most people fritter their lives away thinking about things that have nothing to do with them. Or worse, they unselfishly give, give, give to others who mostly take, take, take.  The more you give, the more they want.

You have to get past this being selfish is a bad thing idea and focus on you.  Your needs and your desires.

I know this isn't what you are going to hear from most sources.  You have heard the opposite your entire life.

But if you look closely and critically, the people who talk about being unselfish the most want you to bend over backwards for them.

They have an obscene level of selfishness.  The kind where they get and gather up most of everything leaving you with nothing and laughing at you for stupidly doing what they say.

So, what's the answer?

Do you have to go all the way to their side and become takers doing everything in your power to force others to unselfishly give to you?


Just step to the side of that nonsense way of thinking.  Focus on you and your life gets better.  Lose the focus and your life gets worse.

You don't have to take from others to do this.

Just tip the table a bit toward your way and focus on you long enough and with enough persistent effort to make your life great.

Once you're at a higher level, you will have more capacity to give, if you choose to do so and if that is your choice.

An abundant, prosperous, happy man has a more to offer than an unhappy, poor man anyway.

Focus On You First Steps

Don't waste your time on

  • TV
  • Religion
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Trivia
  • Politics
  • Mass media
  • Education
  • Talk radio
  • News shows
  • Activities
  • Belief in groups

Think about how much of your time has been spent either watching this type of stuff, listening to this type of stuff or talking about this type of stuff with others. The amount of time is staggering. Mind boggling.

How does discussing what your favorite team does, doesn't do or what they should do affect you?

Not a bit, other than for entertainment value.

I know it is engrossing. The players and coaches are all so fascinating. We hang on their every word and everything they do.

But why do they enjoy such fantastic success that we all are so interested in them?  If you look deeper you will see that they are doing what they do and not concerning themselves with things outside of their influence.

Their success is directly proportional to how much they focus on their success and not diverting their energy and thoughts to anything else.

The reason they do so well, make so much money, are famous on TV is that they are concentrating on their lives to the exclusion of everything else.

They are not spending time reading sports articles, listening to sports talk radio and watching sports shows. They aren't concerned with what you are up to either.

They do not spend their down time thinking about anything and everything outside of their control.  They spend their down time relaxing and recharging and concentrating on their health, their fun, their state of mind and focusing on the task at hand.

This is the biggest lesson of sports - concentrate on what is front of you to the exclusion of most everything else.

If you can concentrate on your life and forget about all those things that you have zero control over, your life cannot help but improve.

Worrying about celebrities of whatever type (singers, actors, sports stars, entertainers and politicians) is a no-win situation for you. You have absolutely no control over them and the time you spend discussing what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong is time you could use to improve your life.

I have studied pro football and spent huge amounts of time becoming quite knowledgeable. But it has not helped me to make any money. It has not furthered my career. It has not helped me meet women.

I have had many pleasant conversations with friends and acquaintances over football. So, I do get some value.  But there is much more value in doing what I can do to make my life better.

Anything that takes more from you than what you get back has to be considered a waste of your time.

Here is one of the best resources for you to move your life in the right direction:

Dr. Robert Anthony

Another major error is believing in the power of being a part of a big group.  It's tempting. But wrong.  Religions and political parties seem to be the worst of the big groups.

You will find yourself spending enormous amounts of time attending church services or watching news about politics, getting enraged about the other side and thinking what you are doing is going to make a difference.

Does it?
Think about you.  What do you want?  What can you do to improve your life?  What types of ways of thinking will help you the most?  What immediate actions can you take to better your life?  What big changes might be necessary? 

Think, think and think some more about your life.  Write down your thoughts, goals and make your plans.

Focus on You Thoughts in Some of My Videos

Some ideas to help you have more fun.

  • Do some planning
  • Spend some money
  • Make it important to you.  Because your fun is important.

Some thoughts on how to become more carefree.

Hint:  you may have to drink a little bit.

Focus on You Wrap Up

You have enormous power to increase the quality of your life.  Your abundance and your happiness can jump to incredible levels the more you focus on you and your life.

Without your life being great, you really have nothing to offer to others anyway.

You need to be more selfish to improve your life.

Bending over backwards to help others, does nothing for you.  And it doesn't help them improve their lives either.  You can help, but not so blasted much.

It will not be easy to focus on you.  The world is set up for you to focus on everything but you.  The pressure to fritter away your life on endless issues that you have no control over is overwhelming.

But if you can keep shifting your thoughts and energy towards your life, your goals, your mission, your dreams and your happiness in the moment, your life will have no choice but to improve.

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