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A Happier Man, Issue #179- Windfall Planning
September 12, 2020

Issue # 179

Windfall Planning

I like to spend quite a bit of time windfall planning.

This is a type of affirmation or feel good technique I picked up from various prosperity teachers.

The theory of this idea is that if what you put in your mind eventually manifests in your physical reality.

So you might as well think high-level, excellent thoughts about how your life could go rather than down on yourself thoughts about how bad your life could get.

I have taken this one step further and use this method to determine if I am moving toward my ideal life...or not.

So what I do is sit down with a paper and pen and plan out various scenarios with a lot of money...windfall planning.

I receive a significant amount of money one day and then what do I do with it.

It's quite fun. It is a very pleasant way to spend your time. I would rather do this than turn on the TV. I can do it couch, my recliner, in my reclining outdoor chair, in spare moments here and there, at the coffee shop. Anywhere.

This exercise helps you to clarify what you should do with the money you have now. Whatever is at the top of the list, you work on now.

Try it.

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