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A Happier Man, Issue #183- Simple Masculine Tips
October 10, 2020

Issue # 183

Simple Masculine Tips

Here are some simple masculine tips. Masculine men have a far better life than those who are not.

If you're struggling and not enjoying how good life can be, you may need to become a bit more masculine.

First let's discuss a few things.

Getting more masculine should not be so hard for men. You're a man. You see masculine men. Do what they do.

But, we are force fed a ridiculous amount of nonsense that far too many men take to heart and absorb. And they have the mediocre or even miserable lives because of it.

Men are getting more feminized. You want to avoid this at all costs.

You have to understand that the world does not want any masculine men. The people at the top cannot have too many masculine men around questioning the need for the way things are, ignoring them and having a great life.

The world needs millions of non-masculine men, with their heads bent down and working tirelessly for it.

You, a man trying to improve your life, enjoy it and get a bit of abundance has to see that first. Understand it. Laugh at it. Ignore it and create and craft your life the way you want it.

Not the way your brainwashed parents, teachers, clergy, feminists, talking heads, politicians and big business leaders want your life to be.

They want you to stay an obedient, little boy doing what he is told.

You cannot listen to them.

So, here are some simple masculine tips to get you started. As you start to develop the look and feel of a masculine man, it becomes easier to move your mind in that direction.

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