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A Happier Man, Issue #186- Happier Man December
December 13, 2020

Issue # 185

Happier Man December

I'm having a happier man December So far, so good and I see no reason to think this December will not continue to be great for me.

The weather was fantastic the first 10 days, unseasonably warm and dry. Now we received 5 inches of beautiful wet snow making everything look like a dreamlike Christmas scene.

I have been productively pumping out the work at my job, trying to wrap up as much as I can by the end of the year and knowing I have a lot of interesting things to work on next year. And I have no fear of being laid off or furloughed or let go.

I gave a great presentation to a large group using Zoom. So I had the enjoyment of preparing the talk, the fulfillment of getting in front of a large audience to speak in public and I learned a new technology platform.

I have had some great weight training sessions, even benching 275 pounds for 4 reps (well on November 29, but close to December).

I bought a new weight training belt from a company associated with starting strength and it is much better than my previous belt.

I have been cutting way back on the sugar and carbs and starting to feel the good effects of that.

I spent a Friday afternoon Christmas shopping, mostly for my adult kids. It went so well finding things I'm sure they will appreciate. It was tiring, but fun and satisfying.

I have my apartment all decorated for Christmas and have been listening to Christmas music while wrapping gifts and sitting around with my feet up.

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