Are You Enjoying a Happier Man December

I'm having a happier man December  So far, so good and I see no reason to think this December will not continue to be great for me.

The weather was fantastic the first 10 days, unseasonably warm and dry.  Now we received 5 inches of beautiful wet snow making everything look like a dreamlike Christmas scene.

I have been productively pumping out the work at my job, trying to wrap up as much as I can by the end of the year and knowing I have a lot of interesting things to work on next year.  And I have no fear of being laid off or furloughed or let go.

I gave a great presentation to a large group using Zoom.  So I had the enjoyment of preparing the talk, the fulfillment of getting in front of a large audience to speak in public and I learned a new technology platform.

I have had some great weight training sessions, even benching 275 pounds for  4 reps (well on November 29, but close to December).

I bought a new weight training belt from a company associated with starting strength and it is much better than my previous belt.

I have been cutting way back on the sugar and carbs and starting to feel the good effects of that.

I spent a Friday afternoon Christmas shopping, mostly for my adult kids. It went so well finding things I'm sure they will appreciate.  It was tiring, but fun and satisfying.

I have my apartment all decorated for Christmas and have been listening to Christmas music while wrapping gifts and sitting around with my feet up.

My beautiful tree, decorations and presents all wrapped for a happier man December

I plan on having my kids over sometime during the  season for a Christmas feast and a gift exchange.

I let my daughter know what was on my list, so I am eager to get some presents too as both kids are quite thoughtful.

We are not going to have the bigger family Christmas trip to my mom's this year due to the Covid situation, but I would think we will have a nice big family gathering later in the winter.

My team, the Green Bay Packers, are having a great year and there will be quite a few games to watch.

And I have almost 2 weeks off during the holidays to rest, recharge, heal, grow and enjoy myself.  I plan on planning for next year, writing and making videos along with plenty of relaxing too.

So, yes, for me, this should be a great December.

Are You Having a Happier Man December?

What about you?

Are you having a happier man December?

Are you happy and smiling and loving life?

Are you sitting around for hours at a time with your feet up, sipping some type of drink, enjoying your Christmas tree, listening to Christmas music, or watching games or movies.  Have you purchased some thoughtful, but not overly expensive, presents for your favorite people and have them all nicely placed under the tree?

Are you feeling good, well-rested, muscular, strong and healthy?  Have you had some productive weight training sessions and have you cleaned up your diet a bit?

Is your vehicle fully fueled, well maintained with fairly new tires to deal with winter weather?

Do you have a full selection of proper winter clothing in your closet?

Are your bills all paid for the month with nothing needing to be paid immediately with plenty of cash in your wallet, some excess in your checking account and lots of available credit to easily handle whatever comes up?

Are you looking forward to plenty of time off around the holidays to relax, enjoy, goof around and make some plans for an even better 2021?

Or not.

Is a Happier Man December Your Reality?

Is December the worst month of the year for you, like it was for me?

When I was married, I hated December.

Everything was wrong and nothing was right.

My wife's verbal abuse ramped up a notch or more in December making my already miserable life of lack, frustration and anxiety a living hell of dealing with this out of control woman on the Christmastime warpath.

Her stress level was off the charts with the season, the shopping, the trying to outdo her siblings in the thoughtfulness of the gifts,the decorating and the preparing huge meals. 

She rarely slept and kept shopping, buying and decorating at a furious pace.  All the while barking orders at me, bitterly complaining, shrieking in rage, blaming me for things I had nothing to do with when things were not going exactly as she wanted.

I tip-toed around her on eggshells, never knowing what might set her off.  I ran to the store late at night to buy more and more stuff I couldn't afford.  Or I would wait up late at night to help her unload a mountain of stuff to put away or wrap late into the night.  I'd be exhausted the next day at my stressful job with clients making unreasonable demand and looming deadlines.  I barely slept either that month trying to do it all and more or less falling apart trying to pay for Christmas when I could barely pay for a normal month.

The stress was unbearable and sometimes the weather compounded this horrible situation with excessive storms, below zero weather and places we had to be in spite of the dangerous conditions.

Thinking of those days sends a chill down my spine.

I hate that I had to live through all that enormous pain and have to make a conscious effort to block out the memories of decades of my life.

It's like I was this hapless, hopeless, spineless, fool of a husband under the thumb of a crazy or cruel shrew of a wife with a life so bad, it was like a horror movie.

I talked about his in an older article years ago - I Don't Hate December Anymore.

The memories of the pain are all there if I think about it.  So I try not to except to help other men.

Happier Man December Wrap Up

I don't live that way anymore.  I am happy and at peace.  I have been doing what I want for years now.

This can be your life too.  If you want it.  Check out my book -

Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System

The principles in the book saved my life.  It can save yours too.

I hope you can enjoy a happier man December with a low level of stress, some abundance, some enjoyment,and lots of happiness.

Peace, from a happier man.

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The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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