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A Happier Man, Issue #191 - Gratitude for Christmas 2021
December 24, 2021

Issue # 191

Gratitude for Christmas 2021

Happy Holidays. I have some thoughts of gratitude for Christmas 2021.

Expressing gratitude is an action that is best used continuously. But it is especially good during the holidays.

Gratitude is a nice emotion. It gives you a good feeling. It can give others a good feeling. So use it. Express gratitude often enough to keep these good feelings and healthy emotions going in your life.

It does not cost anything to express gratitude, unless you give it in the form of a present to others.

It usually is just a bit of time.

I would call this time extremely well spent because it makes you feel so good.

And feeling good, feeling happy, feeling gratitude for whatever is going on in your life helps this cycle of happiness going. It does not have to long as you keep it going.

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