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A Happier Man, Issue #196 - Verbally Abusive Wife
February 20, 2022

Issue # 196

Verbally Abusive Wife

Your verbally abusive wife is ruining your life. You smile even if you are miserable. You tolerate whatever is going on. You put on an act. You just try to be tougher and stoically deal with it. You go to work early and stay late. You find excuses to avoid her. You tip-toe around her and try to make her happy.

You have no control over your life. No happiness. Only brief moments of good while waiting for another episode of bad.

Your wife seems to loves to use sarcastic remarks to cut you down. Not only privately, but publicly. Not only in front of her friends, but your friends and family. Maybe even in front of your own children.

Your reality is a woman who mocks and humiliates you.

Your reality is being exhausted trying to please her and putting up with her tantrums and ultimatums.

A woman who yells and screams. A woman who finds fault with you at almost every turn and who sees nothing wrong with spending a few hours lecturing you on your faults.

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