Your Own Authority

Follow your own authority rather than looking to others for what to do.

You decide what is right for you on everything...major, minor and everything in between.

There may be some good guidance from authorities that makes sense for you.  But just as often, they don't make sense to you and may even be harmful to you.  If you just study history a bit, authorities were wrong much more than they were right. 

Things only make sense, if they make sense to you.

Your Own Authority Video

You know yourself and as you get into this looking inward more and more, studying yourself at length, you will know and understand what you should do and not do for yourself.

A lot of things that they would have us worrying about, make no difference to you.

Things have to make sense to you.

You decide everything about your life.

You have total responsibility over your life.

If you spend no time worrying about what authorities is saying, you will have enormous amounts of time to focus on your life.

From one of my favorites - Steve Pavlina -

Being Too Quiet

Favorite quote -

When I was younger, I was conditioned to yield to authority. Go to school. Go to church. Obey the parents.

My take...a very common problem that most children have to deal with.  And they either spend their lives bowing to someone else, looking for others to bow down to or rise up and make a great life for themselves.

Choose Your Own Authority Over the Authorities in Charge

Blindly following authority is what gets societies into big trouble.

You, as a thinking man, trying to become as happy as possible, would have you questioning anything from authority.

Authority is always just whoever happens to be in power at any particular time and place.  Sometimes in power because they deserve to be.  Often even good authority turns bad over time.  Sometimes in power by luck.  Sometimes in power by power.

For most of history whatever authority in charge has told us that the human condition is one of misery and lack.  A few special, chosen ones at the top should live a life of indulgence, luxury and power over the masses.  And the masses are meant to toil, struggle and suffer.

Even today various authorities tells us to:

  • Live out our lives in abusive marriage
  • Never leave dysfunctional families
  • Accept the decrees of whoever is in charge
  • Be bored at work doing mindless tasks
  • Defer our happiness far into the future
  • Tough out a job you hate for 40 or 50 years
  • Not think for ourselves
  • Not expect too much out of life

Just because we live in an world with multiple authorities jostling for control over us, does not mean you have to participate. You can just step to the side of all this insane, mindless madness.

Choose Your Own Authority Over Everyone Else in the World Insisting You Just Do What They Do

Most people are still trapped in the old way of thinking.  Blindly obeying authority even though the authority is clearly wrong and not even in a position to punish them.

Instead of thinking for themselves, they keep thinking in the same old destructive thought patterns created by authorities long ago:

  • Most people are destined to be poor.
  • The religion you were born into is the only correct one.
  • The country of your birth has rights over you.
  • It is acceptable for some special people (chosen, celebrities, ultra-wealthy, politicians, criminals, etc.)to have fabulous lives of abundance and happiness while everyone else should not.
  • An abundance of the good things in, rewarding work, love, sex, fun, travel, not good for everyone.  Only a select few deserve this.
  • You have to stay in whatever terrible situation you find yourself in...dysfunctional families, abusive relationships, bad jobs and bad locations.

But is that the right way to think about it?

Or is it just a way of seeing things incorrectly?

Why Not Think Differently?

Why not:

  • Believe abundance and happiness can be yours
  • Think that you matter
  • Go to the places you want to go
  • Admit you made mistakes in the past and correct them
  • Acknowledge you no longer want to live the way you're living now
  • Have the type of life you really want

You do not have to accept the old way, the mistakes you have made, the wrong ideas you were fed and the idea of this is all you can do.  There is no authority forcing you to continue to do things the old way.

If you have made mistakes, instead of tolerating a bad situation for the rest of your life, you just end the mistake.

Your Own Authority Wrap Up

Use your own authority to listen to yourself, understand yourself and make your own decisions in your own best interests.

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