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A Happier Man, Issue #198 - Leave Your WIfe Preparations
February 27, 2022

Issue # 198

Leave Your Wife Preparations

It is in your best interest to make some leave your wife preparations so you can more easily leave her on your timetable.

I spent a long time preparing to leave my wife. It wasn't so much that I was so with it and smart. I was fearful and afraid. I felt I had to at least spend some time doing something productive.

My wife and I had all the normal financial issues and differences that doom many marriages, but I was willing to overlook all of those issues. What I could not continue to deal with was her verbal abuse.

As I was spending months or maybe even years of my precious life preparing to leave I was hoping that she would just magically get nice again and I could forget all about leaving her.

But that did not happen. As I was preparing, she became suspicious and ramped up her verbal abuse making my already miserable life even worse.

Even after I fully understood verbal abuse and the damage it was causing me, I spent years waiting, trying to decide to leave my wife. The best part of my life was lived in timid fear of my wife and what she might do.

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