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A Happier Man, Issue #199 - Bad Wife
March 11, 2022

Issue # 199

Bad Wife

Is there anything worse than a bad wife?

No. Nothing is as bad.

Nothing will cause you as much pain, frustration, ans misery as being married to a woman who is not good for you.

Any other bad experience will not nearly be as terrible as a bad wife. Not military service even if you absolutely hate it and have to put in your time waiting to get killed for some politician. Not a bad job you hate that doesn't pay enough to pay the bills, with a terrible boss and boring, physically demanding, or tedious work. Not a boring social life. Not even prison.

These horrible situations you can expect. You expect to be killed, or maimed, or to watch your friends die, or have to kill others in the military. Bad jobs abound in this world and we all expect to deal with them for awhile until we land something better. We expect a boring social life if we refuse to put in the effort and get out of comfort zone. You expect prison to a terrible experience.

But in a a marriage you are expecting it to bring you happiness.

This type of living is the worst because you are the one who decided to get married and now you are the one deciding to stay in a miserable marriage. Your life is not your own and you have decided to stay for the sake of others...her, the kids, a future you in the form of your savings, investments or equity in a home, your family, her family, your married friends, your church and god.

But you have to start to think of what is best for you for a change. All those others will have to adapt themselves to you, not the other way around. If they don't agree with you...the hell with them.

You are not being forced to stay even though you think you are.

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