About My Vasectomy

What I can tell you about my vasectomy is why I decided to get mine, what it was like and why it was one of the best decisions of my life.

Vasectomy is Defined as - 

A surgical procedure for male sterilization and/or permanent contraception. During the procedure, the male vas deferens are severed and then tied/sealed in a manner so as to prevent sperm from entering into the seminal stream (ejaculate) and thereby prevent fertilization.

About My Vasectomy - Reasons Why I Did It

I was 36 years old, a little over 15 years ago.  My youngest child had turned one. My other child was five. I really wanted to get out of the government job I was in and find something more rewarding and more lucrative. I wanted an exciting job where I actually did something I could be proud of instead of sitting around all the time pretending to work or pretending my job was needed.

I also wanted a different job so we could move away from the big city.

I was very concerned about the health insurance somewhere else or the medical leave available in the types of places I wanted to work.

I had two other major reasons for thinking about a vasectomy.

The first reason was that my wife had nearly died from complications after the delivery of our first child. The doctor then had her on bed rest for six months prior to the birth of our second child.  She did not have children easily.

This was a tremendous burden on both of us. But mostly me. She was on bed rest after all. I had a full-time job and a three-year old boy to take care of, plus a pregnant woman lying around all day.

Whenever someone heard about our situation they only talked about my wife and how hard it must have been for her to be on bed rest. This still irritates me.  I was the one doing most of the work to keep our second unborn child alive. She was just on bed rest.

Fathers rarely get any credit for doing whatever it takes to care for your family.

The second reason was that two children were enough for me.Two is a lot in the modern world.

Here is what it takes to be a father

  • All the energy you have.
  • Most of your time for decades.
  • A huge portion of your money.
  • Opportunities lost.

Children are just such a major commitment, you have to know this and know yourself.

Can you

  • Get up in the middle of the night to care for your new-born baby?
  • Drive to the emergency room in the middle of the night with a sick child?
  • Spend all your time doing things for your children?
  • Spend most of your money caring for your family?

These are the types of things you have to think about when you are weighing the reasons to get a vasectomy.

About My Vasectomy - The Pros and Cons

When I was thinking about my vasectomy, I did not have much information on it.  If you are thinking of getting a vasectomy, you are wise on reading up on it. It is a major life decision, not to be taken lightly.

The biggest thing about my vasectomy is that I have not regretted it one second.  Caring for more than two children was not something that I wanted to do.

The cons about my vasectomy is a very short list

  • I will not be able to father any children.

Unless I get the procedure reversed.

From WebMD

Vasectomy Reversal

They say it can be done, but do your own checking.  Do your own research to satisfy yourself that it is reversible. You have to talk to doctors about this.

The pros about my vasectomy are numerous

  • I will not father any more children.
  • I can happily care for and provide better for the children I already have.
  • I do not have to worry about unwanted pregnancies or abortions.
  • Sex is much more pleasurable because I don't worry about accidental pregnancies.  It is more relaxing.
  • Sex is not affected. It is just as good after my vasectomy as before. Since I do not have the worry of more babies, it is actually better.

This was a huge concern for me before I got married. I worried any short-term fun might end up in an accidental pregnancy so passed up many opportunities because I did not want to take a chance.

About My Vasectomy - The Decision

My wife would not to getting her tubes tied, even though she had major difficulties giving birth. In fact, she nearly died due to complications with our first child.  So I made the decision for her. If she wanted any more children it would not be from me.

I wanted more in life than just the hard work of more children.  Plus I was so happy with the children I had.

I just determined that two was enough. So, I decided to do what was right for my family and myself.

Of course, the government got their nose in it and the doctor would not do the vasectomy procedure without my wife's consent.  I had to talk my wife into signing the papers even though it was the right thing to do for her and the children we already had. 

If your wife won't sign, you may have to divorce her.

About My Vasectomy - The Actual Procedure is Not Very Difficult

I made an appointment with an urologist that I found by looking it up my health insurance book.  You could look online for vasectomy doctors or urologist's.

If you don't have health insurance, do not let that influence your decision, because it does not cost is not that much compared to the lifetime cost of caring  more children.  Plus, it's just a short office visit and not expensive compared to overnight stays in hospitals.

The doctor determined at my first visit that my health was good and he went over what would happen. This appointment took about an hour and it was mostly just waiting around.

Then I scheduled the procedure.

My doctor does all his vasectomy's on Fridays at his office, not a hospital. That way you only need to miss one day of work for the procedure and you can recover over the weekend. My vasectomy took place on a Friday about mid-morning.

My wife took me, because you are not supposed to drive after the procedure.

A vasectomy is just a procedure, not a operation where you are cut wide open.  I put on the gown and laid down on the table. The male nurse took a few minutes to shave my testicles and as much genital hair as was necessary.  It did not hurt at all. I got the feeling that he had done this thousands of times.

The doctor came in and shot my testicle region with a general anesthetic.

Then he left the room and came back 5 or 10 minutes later when I was fully numb.

He made a small incision in my scrotum bag on the left side. I can just barely asee the scar where it healed. But it is not a big deal. He inserted his instrument and did the vasectomy which is nothing more than cutting and tying the cord that delivers semen to the ejaculate. 

He then sewed up my bag and sent me home.

I was in and out in about an hour.

You are then supposed to keep ice on your scrotum bag for most of the weekend and not do anything strenuous so that it does not swell up.

My wife made me mow the lawn on Saturday and my testicles and bag swelled up like a balloon. It was enormous and very uncomfortable, but it went away in a few days.  It was her way of punishing me for going through with it.

I went back to the doctor in a week or so to get the stitches removed.

I think I had my ejaculate checked a month or so later.  It was fine, I could not father any more children.

About My Vasectomy 15 Years Later

This might be the longest scar you might have. It will not be noticeable.

I have had sex countless times in the last 15 years and have not fathered any more children. The sex is still great after a vasectomy.   I have not lost any ejaculation ability or amount and have not lost any of the pleasurable sensation of sex.

I was going to take a picture of the scar for you, but there is not enough of a  scar to show you.

The only thing I have lost is the fear of being a dad to more children.

I am at peace with the children I have. There is nothing to fear about having a vasectomy. If you are done having children, this is the best decision you can make.

About My Vasectomy - Is It Safe

A vasectomy is safe at any age. A doctor will not do the procedure without you being in good enough health. You do not have to worry about that.

It would be better at a young age because you could go about your life without worrying about getting a woman pregnant at all.

I am always surprised to read PUA's, dating advice or relationship article without discussing the pros of vasectomy's.  They always talk about STD's but rarely unwanted pregnancies.  STD's are inconvenient, but nothing like the inconvenience of unplanned for children..

What you do have to be concerned with is the actual decision you need to make.

Why are you thinking of getting a vasectomy

  • Do you dislike children?
  • Are you sure you never want them?
  • Are you worried about the cost of caring for children.
  • Are you worried about bringing children into this crazy world?
  • Maybe you already have more children than you can handle.
  • Maybe you just love having sex with multiple women and want an uncomplicated life.

These are all massive decisions you need to make. It is your life. No one else gets to decide whether you have children or not.

Other People Will Butt In

  • Your wife will think it is her decision.
  • Or your girlfriend says it should be her decision.
  • Or your parents will say they want grandchildren.
  • Or all your friends are having children.

But in the end it has to be your decision whether to get a vasectomy or not.

› About My Vasectomy

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