Be Who You Are

Be who you are, accept yourself and have confidence in how you are living your life.

When you overdo trying to emulate others or be like others or do as they say, your life quickly spirals out of control.

Happiness is created by doing things the way you like to do them.

Unhappiness is created by you continually compromising.

Tolerating bad situations guarantees a miserable life for you.

So never do that.

The slippery slope is an overemphasis in following along and doing what others are doing.

Many of you get so wrapped up in doing what others say you ought to be doing, that you don't even know what makes you happy.  You're so busy doing something that someone else says you ought to do that you don't have the time to focus on yourself.

The people you want to be like, are only worthy of being emulated is because they are busy being who they are.

Be Who You Are

ahappiermanI'm happy with who I am

It is very easy to lose focus on living your life how you want to live it and doing what you need to do to better your life.

The constant societal pressure to think of others, worry about others and to conform is almost impossible to block out.

You turn on your TV early in the morning when getting ready for your day to see images of well-dressed, well-groomed, perfect looking people up before the crack of dawn giggling about a celebrity or being outraged by the latest going's on.  To fit in, you giggle along or get outraged and angry.

You listen to the early morning local radio personalities cackling about something stupid.

As you get into the office, a co-worker mentions something about a catastrophe somewhere.

You read the internet headlines while working and get upset about the inhumane actions.

Be Who You Are from Bold and Determined

How to Increase Your Self Confidence

Favorite quote -

If you embrace your true nature with no apology it is not possible to lack confidence. If you do not embrace your true nature it is not possible to ever develop confidence.

Confidence comes from truth, it does not come from living a lie. That is called false confidence and it is easily wrecked. True confidence cannot be broken, it simply is.

Do what you are supposed to be doing and the confidence will come back as a result. If whatever it is you are doing “feels wrong” at a deep level that you cannot really explain, don't do it.

A lot of men wreck their confidence by doing feminine activity like yoga, cardio classes, practicing empathy and understanding, and meditating. Women wreck their confidence when they try to be as men.

It continues after work, the radio on the drive home, the news on TV in the evening or the weekly shows.

The weekend sports with the announcers gushing over the chemically enhanced, pampered athletes and what you should be outraged about.

The non-stop news and reports of something going wrong, someone doing what they should not have done, catastrophe, weather issues, politicians, sports stars and celebrities all telling us what to do, what to buy and how to think.

It's maddening and you don't even understand why.

Except, now you do.

The agenda is to coerce you to not be who you are, but to be who they say you should be.  You need to be outraged about what they say you should.  You should be entertained in a certain way, laugh at what is appropriate and think how you should.

You are to be controlled.  You are a cog.  You are a slave.  You will do and think as you are told.

Or not. 

I choose not.

Be Who You Are - Wrap Up

I choose to do what I want. Think how I want.  Laugh at what is funny to me.  I pick and choose how I want to be entertained.

I never get outraged at what they say I should be outraged at.

I have given up all the old thinking.

I turn off most of the din, having no interest it.  If I find myself watching or listening, it is just to mock it and laugh at the simple minded control mechanisms.

I don't care what they say I should do.  I only care what I say I should do.

I give meaning to what I do.

No one has a right to mistreat me, control me or tell me what to do.  I reject all of that.

You can too.

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