Classes of Men
and How Your Happiness Depends on It

Your happiness and the quality of your life depends on which of the classes of men you are in.

The bad news is that the entire world is set up to keep you in a low happiness class.  There will be very little mainstream or normal guidance for getting into and staying in the better class.  They don't even tell you about these classes and insist that a more mediocre class is the best.

The world needs men to stay in a lower class, unhappy and frustrated and not knowing why. It's ridiculous, but true. 

The good news is that you can move into a better class, it is up to you.  You are not destined or required to stay in a low happiness class once you understand what the good classes are.

There are 5 classes of men.  Once I list them out and describe them, you will quickly see where you fit in these classes.

More importantly, you will be able to see why you are unhappy and start to develop some options and ideas for moving into one of the better classes of men.

Your happiness depends on it.

The 5 Classes of Men
Worst to Best

  • 5th (Worst) Single, but Awkward and confused
  • 4th (A Little Better) Oppressed by a Woman
  • 3rd (Better) With a Good Woman
  • 2nd (Much Better) Escaped
  • 1st (Best) Single with some caveats

I'll start by describing the best class below and then work downward to the worst.

Classes of Men - 1st Class - Single With Some Caveats

I was briefly in this class from about 1990 to 1993.

It was the best time of my life and I really enjoyed myself at that time.  But I did not stay.  I did not realize this was the best class to be in.  I followed societies rules and suffered the consequences.

The best class is to be single, but single with some important caveats.  You can't just be single, because some single men don't have a very good life, being in the awkward and confused class.   It is not just being single.  You need to be single with some caveats.

Here are the Main Caveats

  • Well-adjusted and socially adept
  • Successful
  • No Children

The Problem with Marriage and Live-in Girlfriends in the Classes of Men

Having a full-time woman that you live with is a very difficult situation to be in.

No matter how great she is, there will always be problems.  Your time is not your own.  She will expect and more likely, demand your attention.  Married men rarely contribute to the advancement of society.  Most of your energy will go to trying to please her.

You have to be single and not living with a woman to be able to have the time you need to do what you want to do and need to do.

Well Adjusted and Socially Adept

It's easier to think of being well adjusted and socially adept if you think of people who are not.  You need to be opposite of those types of people.

Some single men are not adjusted well at all. Thy have tremendous issues to overcome.  Some will not overcome these no matter how hard they try.

Issues that Make for a Bad Life

  • Low IQ
  • Mentally Challenged
  • Physically Challenged
  • Mentally ill
  • Extremely thin
  • Obese
  • Ugly
  • Socially awkward
  • Bad family
  • Very poor
  • Live in a dangerous area
  • Get in with the wrong crowd

You can see that many men have very little hope of a great, happy life if they cannot escape from these major issues.

But if you are not totally handicapped with these issues, your chance of a great life is very good.  Some of these issues can be overcome with great effort and persistence on your part.

About Kids

The problem with children is that they are an enormous drain on you.  And they drain, time, resources, money, opportunities, emotions, fitness and health.

It is nearly impossible to do what you need to do and want to do when you are raising your children because they need you for their survival.

It's not the children's fault either.  It's yours.  So you do have to put your life on the back burner while your children are young.  Sometimes your children will have issues that will consume you and you may never have the time for your dreams.  Some men will have to face that reality.

From Blackdragon

The Decision on Whether to Have Kids

Quote -

1. As I’ve written about many times here, the studies and the research on this is very clear: having kids makes you less happy overall. Every study clearly shows that the vast majority of men and women who have children experience a drop in overall happiness for about 20 years until the little bastards grow up and move out.

As you know, long-term, consistent happiness is the core attribute of the Alpha Male 2.0. Regardless of your personal feelings, outdated biological urges, or Societal Programming, purposely doing something that is likely to damage your long-term happiness is extremely dangerous, and should only be done after very careful, hard, rational evaluation.

Hopefully, you have good kids and they contribute to your happiness like mine do.  But some of you will not be so lucky.  No matter how much you love them and care for them, they may have problems and issues that are unsolvable.

You have to be aware of how children will affect your life, it does no good to stick your head in the sand about such things. 

This is not just you being selfish.  Your children need you and if you cannot deliver, their lives will be ruined.

Classes of Men - 2nd Class - Escaped

Me, happy and free at a good friends party enjoying myself

This is the class I am in now.  I escaped from my verbally abusive wife in 2007.  I divorced her.  I left almost everythng behind and started over.

While this class is quite good, as I am a happier man after all, it is not as good as the first class.  It never can be.

In the first class you have a chance for a good life all the time.  All the years of your life.

In the escaped class you have huge chunks of your life that you just want to forget.  You certainly made no progress during this time, probably moving backwards like I did. 

But if you get into this class from the lower classes of men, you have a far greater chance of a good life for the rest of your life.  Unless you mistakenly slide down into the lower classes.  And a lot of men do this.  They get married, divorce, get married again.  Or they live with a one woman.  Then when that gets stale and you split up, you live with another woman or another.

Or they slide all the way back down to the single, awkward and confused class.

To me, being escaped mean to stay escaped.

Classes of Men - 3rd Class - With a Good Woman

This is the class that most men want to get into and the class that is most highly prized or highly touted as the best by society.

But it is 3rd best, and for good reason.

Even though a man can be very happy in this class, his life will always not quite be his own.  No matter how good your woman is, she will always hold you back a bit.

This is a seductive class because you may run into happy men in this class from time to time.  My dad was in this class.  My mom is a good woman.  They had a great marriage and a great life.  I have a good friend with a good woman.  They have a great life.

But that is only 2 men that I know well of in all the men I know.

That is the main problem, the chances of finding a good woman is very rare.

Many times she starts out being a good woman and for various reasons, stops doing that.

It isn't always the man's fault even though you are blamed.

Certainly if it is your fault, you can try to make it right.  But if it isn't your fault, how can you make it right?  You are caught trying to fix something that is not fixable.

Classes of Men - 4th Class - Oppressed

This is the most massive of the classes of men.  Countless men worldwide.  This is the class that the world really wants us in.  This is the class that the world rely's on us to bear the societal weight.

I spent many years in this class.

The issue I have with this class is that a woman should be helping you to have a good life.  You two would be working together to both have a good life.  This seems very rare now.  The way society has shifted makes men's life far worse.

I don't think this is really women's fault.  It is too devious to be thought up by women.  Most women I know are very kind and nice.  They don't seem like the type to be scheming on ways to oppress millions of men.  I think this is the latest effort by our masters to hold us down.

But even if it is a well coordinated conspiracy to ruin the lives of men, does not mean that you have to have your life ruined.

There are many ways to be oppressed by a woman.  Often the women do not really even know they are oppressing you.  Mostly they are taught to do this as the correct course of action.  They unconsciously oppress you.

They May

  • Refuse to help you financially
  • Let themselves go
  • Have too many kids
  • Keep you busy with stupid things
  • Spend a lot of money
  • Erode your confidence
  • Verbally abuse you

They refuse to help you financially. 

This is where they refuse to work and contribute to the household finances.  My wife refused to work.  In the 14 years of marriage, she only worked part-time for about 6 months.  In those 6 months our finances approved dramatically.  There was that bit of extra money so things were not so extremely tight.  She was busy and productive without so much time to spend money.

But she spent all her free time complaining to me about how hard the work was and the people were such jerks and she should be home. 

They let themselves go. 

She may look fantastic when you meet and in the early years of your relationship.  But many women tend to pack on a lot of weight and cut their hair short and start wearing ugly clothes, no makeup. 

They have too many kids. 

Two is the maximum number of kids you can have to have any chance of a good life.  My wife was determined to keep having kids in spite of nearly dying from complications on our first and having to be on bed rest for 6 months with our second.  I decided to get a vasectomy shortly after our second.  There was no way I wanted to go through all the hell I went through with the first two to deal with that again.

Besides, the two we had were so gloriously great.  I wanted to just enjoy raising them, not continue to have more kids to make taking care of the two I had even more difficult.

And they were difficult to raise. 

They keep you busy. 

My wife was never satisfied with the way things were and always had to be up to something stupid.  She was very disorganized too.

Women seem to want to needlessly complicate things.  Simple things like getting a pet.  Continual remodeling or changing the furnishings. Drama with other people.

They spend a lot of money. 

This is a huge problem for most men.  Women have an inexhaustible desire to spend massive money on things that make your life worse.

They erode your confidence. 

There is a constant chipping away at your confidence in countless ways. 

They verbally abuse you. 

This is the full-on criticism, screaming and abuse that is a form of torture.  Many men endure this torture and become a shell only wanting to die young to escape.

This is what drove me to leave my wife even though she did all the other things too.  It was the verbal abuse that I could not deal with anymore.  All the other little things that made my life frustrating and bad, I could endure, just like millions of other men.

Classes of Men - 5th Class - Awkward and Confused

This is the worst class.

This is the class where you get almost nothing of what you want.

It is even worse than being oppressed with a bad woman, because even if you are miserable and oppressed by a woman, at least you have a woman.  When you are awkward and confused, you can't get with a woman at all for a bit of affection.

So even when I was suffering under incredible verbal abuse from my wife, I was married and she looked good and was nice to me sometimes.  From the outside looking in, many men would like to have been married to a good looking woman who could be delightful at times.

This is the class of men that produces some of the horrible men that take out their frustration on others.  So it is not only bad for you, it is bad for others.

I was in this class as a teenager and young adult.  I was frustrated with my looks as a child and even as I got older and looked better I still felt like I was ugly.  So I was confused.

But with constant effort I was able to rise up to the best class and stayed their for a few years before getting married and being in the third class for a few years before sliding into the oppressed class for a very long time.  Now I am in the escaped classes of men.

Classes of Men Conclusion

Here is the classes of men list again

  1. Single with some caveats
  2. Escaped
  3. With a good woman
  4. Oppressed
  5. Awkward and confused

The key to your happiness is getting into one of the better classes of men and staying there.

Recognizing the problem of your circumstances is the key to moving to a better class.

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The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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