Do Not Look Back...So Much
Your Life is in Front of You

Your life is only as good as what you are moving toward.  Do not look back.

It is so tempting to always wonder what is going on behind you. 

Being fearful of others. 

Dwelling in the past.

If you can get over this fear, the continual analyzing of the past and going through life with your head on a swivel looking back at others you will have success each day.

And as you build up success each day, your life gets better and better.

Do Not Look Back at Other People

I was reminded how important it was to not look back the other day at work.  I was on my way out of the building, determining what I needed to do and where I needed to go without anyone telling me what to do.

I just go.

I just do.

No checking in with co-workers or supervisors.  None of that nonsense.

I have built myself up in this position to where I feel I own it.  I know what I need to accomplish.  I know how to do my job.  I feel like no could do it better than me. 

I feel like I was born for it and I have been working towards this position for decades.

As I was striding down the hall on my way out of the building to check a project, I saw one of the younger engineers ahead of me halfway down the hall.  He must have felt me because as he was pushing the door open he looked back at me.  Even though I was at least 50 feet away.

It was so remarkable that I felt compelled to tell you about it.

It reminded me that now I sometimes feel like I am this giant force of nature that people need to deal with, worry about and try to please.

Being Someone Who Others Look Back At Is A Good Thing

It is much more satisfying to have others look back at you than you looking back at them.

It took me awhile to feel this way and be this way.

Most of my life I was the fearful man, looking back all the time wondering:

  • Who was there
  • Were they up to something
  • Are they talking about me
  • Are they going to do something to me
  • Should I wait for them
  • Should I defer to them

The habit of looking back at other people is one you need to break.

Think of It This Way

If someone behind you wants to talk to you they will call out or hurry up to catch you or contact you directly.

Don't worry about people behind you.  Your life is in front of you.

The more you change your life around to making sure that every part of your life is pushing you toward your happiness, the more you will feel this way.

It is an on top of the world feeling.

By the way, I am not at the top of the organization.  I am closer to the top than the bottom.  It is more how I do my work, how I interact in meetings, how I insist things get done my way...without being a jerk about it.

Do Not Look Back
At The Past...So Much

Yes there is a lot of stuff, mostly mistakes, frustrations and regrets in your past that you could spend all your time thinking about, rehashing and beating yourself up over.


I have my giant list.

But what is healthier and will make you happier is to consciously not think about the past.

From Brian Kim, one of my favorite bloggers

How to Get Over Major Regrets

Some More Thoughts on this subject of thinking of the past.

Occasional reminiscing is fine under the right circumstances.  I love to visit with old friends and families and talk about past adventures discussing our views on those.

But my life is still out in front of me.  I want to have a lot more adventures that I can look back on with pride and happiness.

The key to a good life is to be forever doing things in the present that gives you long term happiness and good memories that will sustain you.

The Only Time to Break the Do Not Look Back Habit

When you are out late at night in sketchy areas.  Yes, keep your head on a swivel.

Walk like you mean business, but know who is behind you.

I do spend some time out late at night in somewhat sketchy areas.  Just for fun.  Just because I can.

Here is what I do to protect myself

  • I am big.  Most of the time, people leave me alone.
  • I lift heavy weights.  So I am strong.
  • I know I can absorb a lot of punishment.  I was  But being big, doing physical things, farming, weight training, playing football, all these things help my confidence.
  • I don't get so drunk that I lose control in these types of situations.  I only lose control in safe situations...I'm human.
  • If something seems wrong, I leave.
  • I wear boots or shoes that I can run in and kick someone with.
  • I look menacing even though I am very easy going.
  • I walk like I am going somewhere.

Do Not Look Back But An Occasional Sideways Glance is Fine

I was thinking of this article as I was driving home from a successful meeting where I helped lay the proper groundwork to a massive project when I saw this beautiful rainbow out my side window.

do not look backLooking sideways at beautiful things is a nice part of life

I am not a rainbow searching type of person.  Most of my life has been working hard, with my head down, wondering who was going to give me a hard time next.

But the more I concentrate on my life and my happiness, the better my life gets and the more good stuff I notice.

Do not look back, your life is out in front of you.l

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