Do Whatever It Takes
to Get What You Truly Desire

Do whatever it takes.  Your life and your happiness are too important to get caught up in worrying about doing whatever the "right thing" is as determined by others.

Others rarely have your best interests at heart. 

They are only worried about their happiness and will be busy doing whatever it takes to get you to do their bidding.

I am not interested in getting others to do my bidding. 

I do need some help occasionally.  I do have to request and sometimes even step on toes. 

But I try to minimize this.

Do Whatever It Takes

The more you do whatever it takes and make it your mindset the more success you will have in life. 

My extremely happy life that I live now is a direct result of me doing whatever it takes to make life great.

I Do Whatever It Takes

  • I left my wife and got divorced
  • I took my son from his mother
  • I kept my daughter when she ran away from her mother
  • I went to court to end the child support and alimony
  • I went through an extremely time consuming, rigorous process to get my dream job
  • I spend my money on what I truly want
  • I take care of my medical needs, dental, TRT and thyroid medication

All this doing on my part was a change in my attitude that I will do whatever it takes to have a great life.  I am not going to shortchange myself.

I gave up the others are more important mindset that I carried with me for years.  That mindset left me broke, depressed, frustrated, miserable and even suicidal.

Your life and your happiness is all there is.  Others in your life have to fit into this or they have to be cut out of your life.

In my case, the biggest problem I had was my wife.  She nagged, complained and verbally abused me for years.

I stoically took her abuse and withered into a shell-shocked timid man. 

Until I decided to take back my life and left her.

But the problems continued.  She continued to try to ruin my life for years after I left.

She tried, but she failed.  I won.

It took constant effort. My life is too important.

I fed my mind a constant diet of me being my own best friend.  I talked to my dad constantly, soaking up his encouragement.  I only focused on doing what was best for me.  Reading uplifting works and shunning the idea of men having to "take" whatever abuse their wives dished out.

F that.

It doesn't matter why someone in your life mistreats you. Only that they do.  And if they do, you need to distance yourself from that person and keep your distance.

No one has the right to mistreat you.  Not your wife, your husband, your friend, your sibling or even your parents.

The distancing away from the bad person is the key.  Just being positive about your situation is rarely enough.  The overwhelming negativity that a negative person emits is impossible to ignore.  That type of person thrives on tormenting and controlling you.

They are not even evil.  People like this are usually just mentally ill.  They believe that they have the right to talk to you in whatever way they decide they should.  In their mind, telling you what to do, how to be and how to think is their right.  Their mindset is so strong that mostly you just cave in to that.

ahappiermanMe loving life

I did.  For years. 

For years I believed all the negative things my wife said about me.  I believed I was the problem.  I believed I had to bend over backwards to please her.  I believed that nothing I wanted mattered.  That I was only here to serve her and listen to her raging fits, sarcastic put-downs and belittling.

I did this until I decided to do it no more. 

I left and stayed gone.  I learned that I had to do whatever it takes to create my life exactly how I want it.

Do Whatever It Takes From Bold and Determined

How to Stop Worrying About Cheating and Start Winning

Favorite quotes -

Not everyone thinks the exact same way. Not everyone shares the same morals, belief and codes of conduct. The world is as it is, not as we wish it to be.

A can-do man will play by the rules only long enough to realise that the game is rigged and playing by the rules brings only failures. A can-do man will open his eyes to certain realities of the world and he will play to those realities and no longer play to childish dreams of fairness.

In spite of the evidence suggesting that the game is rigged and that the only way to succeed is by breaking the rules, the honest man is stuck in a “fairness cycle”. To an honest man, and to a child, success is not fair. To live a fair life, the honest man develops an unconscious fear of success; because he has linked success to cheating.

In The Game Of Life
There Is No Such Thing As Cheating

Cheating is the word used to describe methods that get results. An honest but unsuccessful man must make the paradigm shift from believing success equals cheating to realizing that cheating is actually the only way that works to achieve results.

The 3 principles each can-do man must follow:
  • Treat the world as it is, not as you wish it to be. Our reality is just that — reality only for us. In our reality we may despise “cheaters” but cheaters don't live in our reality, they live in theirs. In their reality they do what it takes to win.
  • Do away with the “honesty excuse” – you either succeeded or you didn't. Eliminate the excuses to focus on success rather than focusing on failure.
  • Instead of doing the “right thing” do the thing that works. There are methods that work and methods that do not work. Often the methods that actually work are thought of as “cheating” and methods that don't work are thought of as “the right way”.

The 1 mindset shift each would-be successful man must make:

  • There is no such thing as cheating in the game of life. The right way gets results, the wrong way doesn't get results. There is no such thing as cheating – there are results and there are failures.

The real #1 rule of success that each and every can-do man follows:

  • The #1 rule of success is “Do what it takes.” If you wish to be a winner and not a loser you must do what it takes to win.

› Do Whatever It Takes

The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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