Feel Good Goals

Are you happy, healthy, well-rested and satisfied?  No?  Then set some feel good goals and start having life go your way.

As I discussed before, it's better to live your life by themes, instead of goals.

However, sometimes you just need to get some momentum going in your life.  If things are wrong, chaotic, a mess, unsatisfying or totally out of control, you need to tip your life so it is going more your way.  Especially if you don't even feel well.

Once you get a few feel good goals accomplished and find ways to make feeling good a part of your life, you can shift your focus to themes.

Here Are Some of My Feel Good Goals

ahappiermanMe feeling good

Take Care Myself

I am working on getting a flat belly instead of 6 pack abs.  6 pack abs are too much work and require a too strict of a diet that may not even make you feel good.  A flatter belly will help you feel better.

Sleep more instead of trying to get by on less.  Extreme producers are always bragging about how little sleep they get until you get sick of hearing them.  You need to sleep as much as you need to feel well.

Get in the sun instead of avoiding it or slathering on chemicals.  How can putting chemicals on your skin be healthy?  If I am getting too much sun, I put on a hat, long sleeve shirt, long pants or go inside.  Sometimes just a little sun is enough to make you feel good.

See the dentist regularly.  I avoided the dentist for years when I was married.  I could not add one more big expense to my list.  But now, since I am in complete control of all my money, I am taking care of all this deferred maintenance.

Take care of my health.  I get TRT.  I take thyroid medication.  I go the urgent care when I don't feel well.  I have doctored with my nerve injury and now am going to the chiropractor.  If you have a medical issue, get medical attention.

Eat the right food.  For me, it's more fat and more protein with as few of carbs as possible.

Relax and recharge.  The best way is to sit in a comfortable chair with my feet up and reclining. 

Only do ONE heavy work set when weight training.  Whenever I get injured from weight training, it's always on the extra sets.  I regret every time I do more than ONE work set.  It is so easy to get caught up in the moment, because when you're weight training you're inspired and feel great.  Learn from my mistakes and do only ONE work set.

Short walks instead of energy depleting long hikes.  Although I will hike for long distances if the scenery is spectacular.

Take Care of My Needs

Have some fun.  Go out for meals, coffee, desert and drinks.  Drink a bit more alcohol to help loosen up.

Lighten up and be friendly to everyone.  Joke around a bit.  Talk to everyone but don't have any expectations.  Most people are still stuck in the be afraid of strangers mode and cannot get past that.  Be willing to just move on.

Say no to what I don't want to do.

Be willing to say yes to what I do want to do.

Reduce my stuff in preparation of my upcoming move and because I hate having a lot of stuff.

Always go back to basics if feeling stuck. 

One of my favorite self help programs is Dr. Robert Anthony's

Secret of Deliberate Creation

I have been listening to this program in my car for over 5 years.  I listen to it over and over again.  I have this on much more than the radio.  It will get your life moving in the right direction.

I have paraphrased one of my favorite sayings from that program -

Don't let bad feelings accumulate.  You need to self-correct in the moment to feel good.  Do this immediately...don't wait.

Forget the Terrible Goals Others Set For You

Your goals have to make sense to you and be good for you.

Most of the world is only too happy to set goals for you to get their sick goals of wealth extraction, power and coercion met.  F... them.

There is constant pressure on you and I to:

  • Serve and sacrifice
  • Kill who they say to kill and get yourself killed or maimed for the trouble
  • Work extremely hard to make others look good
  • Be happy doing nothing that you want.
  • Live a life a misery so you don't rock the boat.

I lived this stupid script too.  For too long until I woke up and took my life back.

You can too.

If you don't feel well, work on that first.  Do whatever it takes to feel good.  Make feel good goals your priority.

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The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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