Guard Your Mind

You must guard your mind against unwanted intrusions, attacks from the outside, the constant negativity you absorb from the world and your own harsh inner critic.  This is far more important than guarding your house, car or even your physical body.

You lock your home and car to keep intruders and thieves out. You are careful to avoid trouble. You try to protect your computer from spyware, mal-ware and viruses.

You protect your loved ones in the same way.

You hold your child's hand when crossing the street, you guard them for as long as they will let you.

You look after your aging parents, your drunken buddies and your girlfriend or wife.

You are everybody's champion.

Guard Your Mind - It is Critical to Your Life

Guard Your Mind wisdom from the past

But what about you?  What about your mind? 

Do you guard your own mind with the same zealous protectiveness you give to the other important things and people in your life?

Do you protect it with the same care as all these other things?

Do you continuously feed your mind with good, positive, uplifting messages? When you read articles on the internet do you read about self growth, personal development, abundance, prosperity and happiness?

Some people do and they live the fantastic life that could be yours if you only shift focus to guard your mind and direct your life.

From Danger and Play

How to Plan Your Life and The Look

More good guidance from Mike.  Your life can be great, if you guard your mind.

There are people who are successful, happy, wealthy, prosperous, stress-free, relaxed and with an abundance of whatever they are looking for. They carefully guard their minds from negative influences. They remain optimistic, cheerful and with the ability to enjoy a good life no matter what. They use whatever means are necessary to feel good, relax and go after what they want.

They get emotional help if they need it.

They do whatever it takes to improve their physical health, their emotional health and especially their mind.

Most people do not do any of those things.

Most People Do Not

  • Seek help
  • Read enough of the right sources
  • Actively seek out inspiration
  • Visualize a better life
  • Or even think about their lives with any depth

They go through life in misery and pain, in a clearly substandard or mediocre life. They have no luck and it seems they are always being dumped on. They waste their time doing things of no consequence while pretending to ignore the massive problems in their lives like addiction, terrible career choices, out of control finances or dysfunctional relationships.

If they would just take action to fix the worst problems first, their lives would turn around dramatically.

Your mind is the most important aspect of you.

What matters is how you

  • Treat yourself
  • Think of yourself
  • Talk to yourself

What matters is finding out what you want to do, what you are here for and definitely finding out what you are not here for.

Without your mind, you cannot do any of those things.

You must guard your mind against whatever forces that would do it harm. All negativity, cynicism, bullying and verbal abuse that is out there. You can believe in yourself even if you never trust anyone.

Your mind is susceptible to all these bad influences especially if it is you saying bad things to yourself.

Some people are their own harshest and most severe critic. There are even people who would say that this is a good thing, that it is admirable.

Which is totally wrong.

You want to be your own best friend, biggest cheerleader, most loyal follower, worshipful lover and the person who is most delighted to see you at all times and in all situations.

This seems a little crazy at first if you have always thought of yourself negatively. But you will quickly learn to love being this way to yourself.

You will become addicted to you.  This is really the only healthy addiction there is.

I believe that the more you love yourself, the less likely it will be that you develop addictions to problem substances like cigarettes, alcohol or drugs.

I think that the reason that people become addicted to these substances is that they do not love themselves enough. There is some reason that they cannot stop hurting themselves with over smoking, over drinking and over drugging.

We see this when celebrities exhibit the irrational, out of control behavior that boggles our minds.  Famous, wealthy, powerful people who we want to be like overdosing on drugs and dying.  They had every reason to live. They had it made.

The thought of fabulous wealth that the stars had and wasted by killing themselves by their own actions is almost unreal.  John Belushi, Chris Farley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.  They had everything going for them and still drugged themselves into oblivion and an early death.

It makes no sense.  Unless you understand that they did did not love themselves enough to treat themselves better with care and compassion with a thought to a long, healthy, happy life.  They did not guard their mind.

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