How to Be Happy and Successful at Work

You can be happy and successful at work.  These terms aren't exclusive.

Do you think that successful at work you have to give up happiness? 

Do you think people obtain success at work by working extra long hours all the time, thinking about work even when not at work or being ruthless and  conniving.

Do you have to work with a furrowed brow, bark out orders, treat staff or co-workers poorly, scream and swear and rarely laugh or even smile?

How Not To Be Happy and Successful At Work

Here is how I did not succeed at being happy and successful at work

  • I worked long hours
  • I took things personally
  • I did not enjoy my co-workers
  • I did not appreciate what I did

Those are common ways to think you have to be in order to be successful.  I used to think that way too.

Long Hours

I worked long hours. My normal day started at 7 a.m.  Often I would not leave until 5 p.m. with a half hour lunch.  That is a 9.5 hour day which equals a 47.5 hour week.  A day or 2 each week I would leave at 5, grab some junk food and be back at 6 to work until 11 or midnight...even on Fridays.

I worked a few Saturdays and far too many Sundays.

There was so much work to do and I had so many bills to pay and I hated my life at home with my wife anyway.

I was not happy and successful at that time.  Just an overworked, depressed, hen-pecked, belittled man who did not have a clue on how to have a good life.

I Took Things Personally

I used to spend a lot of time swearing in my office when things did not go my way.  I did not swear to other people, just life.  I would get a call from a client demanding to know why his plans weren't done, I would make up some excuse, apologize, buy more time, hang up and swear.

I would get furious when a government agency sent me a long list of written comments and criticisms of my plans meaning I would have to spend days revising my plans in order to please them if I wanted to get a permit.

The swearing would be thick.

I Did Not Enjoy My Co-Workers

I was short with my co-workers. I did not joke around much.  The other engineers were butting into my CAD draftsmen time and the secretaries time putting their work in front of mine.

I had no time to help younger engineers, I had too much work of my own.

I had no time to go out for lunch, or a beer, or have someone over to my home...I just worked...a lot...and tried to deal with my wife.

I worked without a smile, just gritting my teeth, furrowing my brow and worked with no happiness.

I Did Not Appreciate What I Did

I was somewhat pleased with the type of work.   I was fairly good at it.  I still drive past dozens of my projects knowing my work was partially responsible for it.

But for as well as I did, I never felt good about it.  My personal problems with my wife overwhelmed me.  I never seemed to have any money, the bills were piled high.  The benefits dwindled down to nothing.  Nobody wanted what I did anymore.  The same thing I did that everyone wanted me to do a few years ago, they did not want now.  There was not any thank you's for the good work.

I hated not being needed.

So I Changed Jobs

Loyalty to an employer is never a good thing...sorry.  But you have to look out for yourself and who you are responsible for.

I changed jobs and I work differently now.

I am Happy and Successful at Work

I am happy at work most of the time. There are still deadlines and pressure.  Instead of worrying about them I am thankful I have enough work to keep a good job.

I had a job where there was nothing to do but wait to get laid off.

If I am not as thorough as I like or complete my part of the project on time, I tell the people involved why instead of ducking their calls and making excuses.

I smile going to work on Monday mornings, knowing I will have a good week no matter what.

When it is time for me to leave for the day...I do...knowing I have work tomorrow.

If I need to work more one day, I leave early the next to balance out my time.

The work needs to get done, but it can usually wait until tomorrow.

I can do a tremendous amount or work.  I get a lot done.  I am successful but I am still only one man.  The weight of the world is not on my shoulders anymore.

Per Forbes Article -

12 Habits that Set Ultra Successful People Apart

Some more guidance on how to be happy and successful at work.

I am happy and successful at work having lots of work to do that I love doing
› Happy and Successful at Work

The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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