I Matter...and So Do You

I matter might be the most important positive thinking phrase you need to master and the most important mindset shift you need to make to improve your life.

Your life will not be good at all if you think you don't matter.

Negative thinking will spiral your life downward and it will not take that long.

You already know this, but you need to know it with your full concentration and focus to the exclusion of any other thinking.

You cannot live in full happiness able to shed bad relationships, bad jobs, bad religions, bad friends, bad attitudes and a bad life unless you truly believe your life if worth the effort.

I Matter is Not a Very Common Way to Think

You are small compared to the mountains. But you still matter.

Don't we all think this way naturally? Isn't this kind of a ridiculous question?

Or is it?

Don't we all matter? Doesn't everyone just automatically think well of themselves? Don't we love ourselves first? Isn't positive thinking done by everyone? Aren't the benefits of being positive so obvious to everyone that we are taught to be this way from a young age?

No, it should be obvious that vast numbers of people do not love themselves. They do not take care of themselves. Their self talk is not positive about themselves. They question their own judgment and look to others to decide what they should do. They give their power to someone else. They continue to do things that harm them. They continue to believe things that do not help them. They do not practice inspired living, they wait for others to tell them what to do.

From Bob Wells at Cheap RV Living

Giving Up Your Old Ideas for a New Life

Bob is applying this to Van Living, but you can just as easily apply it to anything.

Changing your mindset to the statement - I matter - will turn your life around faster than any other positive thinking idea.

Look at how the opposite of I matter has ruined countless lives sending millions of people to prison, murdering millions over the years in pointless wars and government programs and stealing the prosperity of billions.

Religion is mostly about submitting to some higher power that has you believing that you do not matter.

Some science seems to be in on the horrible game too...continuously discussing your insignificance.

You must drop all of that crazy nonsense thinking.  I don't believe in governments, religions or even the science that would say I am small, insignificant, a sinner or unworthy.

Because I matter.  And so do you.

Look What Happens When You Do Not Matter

  • You can be jailed for not paying taxes.
  • You can be jailed for possessing vegetation.
  • You can be jailed for what is in your blood.
  • You can be told who to kill. You will join the military and police forces and do whatever someone tells you to do no matter how barbaric and how wrong.
  • You can be told that you should be killed. You will consider dying patriotic and a good thing. You will think that someone else can tell you who needs to live and who needs to die.
  • You can be gassed to death in concentration camps for your heritage.
  • The city you live in can be bombed. Just because you happen to live in a place where the leaders are fighting with other leaders does not mean you agree with their stupid decisions.
  • You can be incinerated in a nuclear holocaust because of where you live.
  • You can be enslaved.
  • You can be jailed in concentration camps.

Governments and religions think you do not matter.

The more I ignore politics, government and religions the happier I get.

If I want to get enraged, get on a rant or fall into despair I think of how insignificant religions and governments say I am and how my only purpose is to serve someone or something outside myself.

Your life is far too important to think this way.

You are not here to

  • Do whatever the president tells you to do.
  • Be a cog in a massive military machine.
  • Wave the flag.
  • Salute the soldiers (or killers).
  • Take whatever it is someone thinks you need to take.

You need to step outside all that insignificant thinking that says that society or the state or a religion or a group is what matters the most. Once you get to the point in your thinking that you matter the most to you, your life will finally be your own to create.

You were born and you matter. You matter just as much as anyone else. You do not have to defer your life to others. You do not have to think your only value is to others.

Your value is to yourself. You create for it's own sake and for money, of course.

You cheerfully and enjoyably serve others to get paid for it. Working, creating and providing value are a part of life.

It is about you.

Thinking only in terms of serving others, or something else, is off base.

Yes, you will serve others but you do it to make your own life better.

Your satisfaction in your work will be partly based on satisfying the needs of others. But the real value in serving others is doing something that you enjoy to take care of your needs.

More Problems when You Don't Think -
"I Matter"

You Stay In a Job You Hate Just Because

  • You have been there a long time.
  • You have a degree or training in it.
  • You think you are too old to change now.
  • Or, or, or ...

You Do Not venture out into other careers/businesses/professions/jobs because

  • It is too hard.
  • You are scared.
  • What would other say.  They expect you to continue to do that type of work.

You stay in abusive, dysfunctional or loveless relationships Because

  • You believe the lies that say you have to work hard at a marriage.
  • You need to stay for the kids.
  • It is your duty to suck it up and suffer.
  • You need to sacrifice.

You will not spend money on yourself

  • Thinking you need to take care of the desires of others.
  • You don't want others to think you are selfish.
  • You will squash down all your desires to the point you do not even know what you want.

You will not take care of yourself

  • Eating the wrong things and too much.
  • Smoking.
  • Drinking too much.
  • No exercise.
  • Not even getting enough sleep.

You will not have any fun

  • You will not see the value in having enjoyment for yourself.
  • You will not have any exciting adventures.
  • You will think that it costs too much
  • Or takes too long
  • Or that only other people should have fun.

You don't have to look to other people for what you should be doing. Instead, believe that you can create your future.

No matter what you have to work on your life. Even when other people are giving you a hard time and trying to control you, you can thwart them. You can keep control of your mind and your actions and create the type of life you want

Start thinking you matter. I matter and so do you.

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