Masculine Chest

You may not need a big, powerful masculine chest to live a good life.  But most men would prefer it. A big, thick, muscularly powerful makes you look better, feel better and fills out your shirt and suits.

Plus, if your chest is big, you can still look good if your belly is on the big side.

Of course, a flatter belly is better, healthier and sexier.  But, if you have a big chest, you still look masculine while you are working toward a flatter belly.

So work on your chest.

It's satisfying to work your chest in the gym.  Normally you will see and feel the effects right away from chest training.  It is a big muscle.  You can study yourself in the mirror and notice a bit of size gains and the fat around the outside reducing.

It feels good to have a pretty girl rest her head on your masculine male chest, especially in bed after a good sex romp.

Women seem to love a masculine chest too

I think a big, thick, powerful chest developed from years of weight training is not only the best look for men, I think it is a form of protecting yourself.

You'll certainly be able to take a punch to the chest better.

How to Keep Your Masculine Chest Healthy and Injury Free

Make Your Masculine Chest Feel Good

You may need to cut back on your workouts from time to time.  Your chest can handle a lot of work, but your shoulders, elbows and wrists are tasked heavily when working your chest.  Those body parts need more rest.

It's frustrating, but you need to avoid injury.  Your big powerful chest is so much stronger than your shoulders, elbows and wrists.  You will need to reduce your chest training to save the rest of your body.

Good posture helps your chest look better.  When you let your shoulders droop forward it lets your chest droop forward.  Your big muscular fan shaped chest looks horrible, like an overweight grandma's breasts, when your shoulders go forward.

Try to always lean back when you work your phone, your computer, when you are working at your desk. 

When you relax, make sure you keep pushing your shoulders back into your chair.  Constantly do this and it will pay dividends.

Avoid the hunching of your shoulders.  Your eyesight might be causing you to hunch your head toward your computer screen.  Maybe glasses or a larger font is needed.

From Scooby

10 Secrets for Huge Pecs

Another perspective on huge pec development.

When building your masculine chest,  don't go overboard on the volume.  You can do more sets for your chest than shoulders, but keep it real.

It's easy enough to get hurt lifting.  Ego lifts, sloppy form and overdoing it have hurt me.   It is also easy to get hurt lifting when you are out of control, use the wrong form and use the wrong lifts.

Exercises to Avoid

  • Dumbbell, pec-deck or cable flys where your arms go behind your body. 
  • Reverse grip bench presses
  • Very wide grip bench presses
  • Bench presses with your arms at 90 degrees to your body

Sloppy form comes in when you don't know how to do a lift correctly and if you use too high of reps.  Your form gets sloppy when you are fatigued. 

Ego lifting hurts you when you do whatever it takes to make a lift and get hurt in the process.  Getting strong takes a long time and persistent lifting. 

It's better to focus most of your masculine chest workout on correctly performed bench presses.  This exercise develops a tremendous amount of strength and mass in your upper body.  It's safe if done correctly. 

How to Do the Bench Press
The Main Exercise
To Develop a Masculine Chest

Here are the main ideas on performing the bench press properly for developing your masculine chest:

  • Take a medium width grip.  I put my ring fingers right on the smooth opening in the knurl.  I am 6'-0" tall with wide shoulders.
  • Hold the bar so the bar rests on the heel of your palm, not in the fingers.
  • You'll take a big breath right before you take the bar off the rack.
  • The rest of your breaths will be when the bar is at full lockout over your head.  Just a quick breath, not deep.
  • There is no pause at the bottom on your chest on the rest of the reps. 
  • Normally, I use 5 reps is the correct rep goal to hit.  Less, means the weight is too heavy.  More than 5 reps and you will run out of breath and your form will get sloppy.  Sloppy form causes injuries. 
  • Many coaches teach 3 heavy sets across with the same weight.  At this time, I am doing only ONE heavy set. I am 53 years old with an accumulation of aches and pains.  I do only 5 to 8 sets total, including warm-ups.  
  • I use collars.
  • I do my bench pressing in a power rack with the pins set at a position to catch the bar below my chest and above my neck for safety.

How to Bench Press
Main Exercise to Develop a Masculine Chest

  • Moderate grip width so your forearms are vertical when the bar is on your chest
  • Eyes just behind bar while it is on the pins
  • Thumbs around the bar.  A thumbless grip is very dangerous.
  • Bar resting on the heel of your hand above your forearms
  • Look at the ceiling as a placeholder to bring the bar back up
  • Look the bar into place each rep with the same movement
  • Place bar back on rack with elbows locked for safety

Bench Press Leg Drive

I really feel better using leg drive.

Bench Press - How to Set Up Properly

He's a little crude on the description, but this  cue will get your scapula retracted properly.

Main Cues

  1. Sit on the end of the bench
  2. Shrug up your shoulders, like you're doing shrugs for your traps
  3. Rotate your shoulders back as far as you can
  4. Drop your shoulders down
  5. Lay back
  6. Dig your traps into the bench
  7. Make sure you don't have to raise your shoulders to un-rack the bar.  The rack may be too high.

This gets your shoulders tight and down, protecting them and creating the proper base for benching.  You want a slight arch in your back further helping to keep your shoulders tight.

What to Buy to Help you Develop a
Masculine Chest

Wrist Wraps

When my wrists are sore, I wrap them.  Right now they feel good, so I have not been wrapping.  I am still building up my weights after my hernia surgery, so I am not at my biggest weights yet.

Wrist wraps give you some stability on your work sets and heavier warm-up sets.  A nice benefit from the wrist wraps is they take some time to put on and this gives you a little more time between sets for rest.

These wrist wraps are the kind I use.  They are not very expensive. 

Weight Lifting Shoes

I have a pair of weight lifting shoes that I just wear for lifting.  They have the stiff soles that provide a strong foundation.  They are made of durable material that fully supports your foot.  They have a Velcro strap that further tightens up the shoe.

After feeling how much more stable and powerful I feel in wearing them, I would not go back to wearing regular shoes while weight training.

Workout Duffel Bag

I have a big leather duffel bag with multiple pockets for holding all my workout gear.  I want to just grab this bag and go, not repack it every time I go to the gym.

Here is how I load it:

  • The big main compartments holds my belt, my shoes, a towel, my training log and my water bottle with plenty of room left over.
  • One of the end pockets holds my elbow sleeve, pulling straps and wrist wraps.
  • The other end pocket holds my heavy duty straps that I do not use that much and a zip-loc bag with chalk.
  • One of the small pockets I keep open to put my keys in at the gym.
  • Another small pocket is where I keep my tanning booth eye protection glasses.
  • Another small pocket is for my gym reading glasses, pen and headphones.

I like to put the stuff back consistently so I know exactly where everything is and I don't have to rummage through it to find something.

This bag is really handy and looks good.

You deserve to live a great life.  And spending some of your money on tools to assist in building your masculine male chest is a start. 

Final Thoughts on Building a Masculine Chest

You will want to focus a good portion of your training efforts on developing a strong, muscular masculine chest.  The bench press should be your go-to exercise each week.

You'll look a lot better with your shirts snug across your chest.  You'll like the way you look with your shirt off.

But the main thing is that you'll feel better with a big chest.

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