Simple Freedom From It All

I love freedom. But I want simple freedom, not the complicated variety.

I do not want to wait for the next politician to say he, or she, is going to give me a little more freedom. They say whatever it takes to get elected. Why would you believe them? What evidence is there that any politician cares about your freedom?

Why do you think someone who has power over you wants to give you anything? Why do you think the government is going to give you anything when all they seem to do is take.

So forget about someone else giving you freedom.  Concentrate on your life and creating the type of free life that makes you happy.

As much as I would like to not know what is going on and only concentrate only on my life, I am addicted to keeping somewhat informed.  The best source for keeping up with the erosion of freedom is -

Lew Rockwell

There are numerous articles posted each day that provide me all the news I need to stay up to date.  Of course many times I just choose to ignore the latest news knowing even if things are as bad as reported, I can still have a good life.

I Choose Simple Freedom

Freedom is defined as -

the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action

Not a bad way to think about it

Even the formal definition of freedom includes the absence of something that is not wanted by you.  Think of freedom as getting rid of rather than gaining. 

Once you get  the idea of tossing out, eliminating and ignoring you can get busy throwing off various yokes that hold you down and enjoy simple freedom.

Here is a Sampling of What I Want Freedom From

  • Rage
  • Sarcasm
  • Criticism
  • Excessive demands
  • Excessive toil
  • Exhaustion
  • Boredom
  • Tedious work
  • Invasions of privacy
  • Mountains of stuff
  • Limitations
  • Questioning

It is not really freedom from oppressive government, corrupt police, overbearing religions and irritating bureaucracy.  There is not much I can do to change any of that.  I just avoid, minimize, ignore and evade.

I am talking about freedom to live my life more how I like it, in spite of whatever oppression and corruption exists in the world at large.

Freedom From Questioning

I have always wanted the simple freedom of not being questioned. To me, being questioned is so degrading, so humiliating, so unnecessary.

When I was a senior in high school and when I would come home from college to my hometown, I wanted to go out in the evenings with my friends. When I would be going out the door my parents would ask me where I was going, who I was going to see and what I was going to do. I hated this intrusion into my life. I love my parents but hated this questioning. I rarely answered honestly. I wanted to spare them the truth.

The truth was that I was going to spend an evening drinking heavily with my best friends. We were going out to have the time of our lives. And we often did.

It was a glorious time filled with fun. We drank beer and shots. We drove fast, from party to party, bar to bar and town to town.  We joked around laughing all night long, sometimes singing at the top of our lungs. We rolled dice and played other drinking games.  We met, danced with, made out with and sometimes got laid with women. Sometimes we ran from the cops.

We lived hard and lived fun.

How could I explain this to my parents?   This desire to live, to enjoy life, to live a wild life of pleasure and reckless fun.

I could not. I have not been able to this day.

I do not regret one second of those days. They are still some of the highlights of my life.

My only regret is that I did not do it more.

How Could I Explain

How can a young man explain to straight laced parents what he is doing?  The parents that raised him, cared for him and wanted him to live a long, full life?

He can't. That is my point.

I did not want to die in the fiery car accident my parents feared. No one did. We wanted to live. We did not go out to get into trouble, or to fight, or to get blind drunk out of our minds and wrap our cars around a tree.

I did not want to impregnate a random girl, father a child I could not care for and put an enormous burden on the child's grandparents.

But I did go out out to have fun and to live.

How can you explain this desire to live a wild life, free of excessive inhibitions to people who just cannot understand this way of living?

So I didn't explain or discuss. I did not tell them what I did or was going to do.

I learned early in life to just be quiet about what I was doing. There is no need to explain your every move. You do not have to get permission to do the things you want to do. You do not need to explain why you want to do what you want to do.

Don't waste your precious life explaining and discussing or justifying what you are doing.

Don't feel guilty because you want to live a different kind of life that someone else may not approve of. You do not need approval. You do not have to feel guilt. You are not hurting anyone are you? Maybe you are hurting your health a little, but this is your life to decide.

Simple Freedom Free From Rage, Sarcasm, Criticism and Excessive Demands From the People Closest To You

I do not want to be around people who exhibit rage, complain, criticize and use excessive sarcasm to get their way.  Yet I stayed with my wife for years after she started this almost non-stop verbal abuse campaign on me.

I do not need excessive sarcasm in my life. I don't mind a little bit of humorous sarcasm, but I think you know the kind of sarcasm that is no good. The hurtful kind. The kind that makes you feel bad. The kind of sarcasm that is meant to demean and manipulate.

Why my wife, now ex-wife, felt she needed to criticize me is beyond me. I want to live my life as if I am a good person and that I matter. Being criticized does does factor into that kind of a life.

You can get closer to simple freedom by avoiding people and situations that do not demand so much from you.  You are not hear to be a pack mule for the excessive demands from others. 

It is your right to say no to a life of servitude.

Here is What I Wanted From My Wife

  • A great relationship.
  • We never fight.
  • She is supportive to me, my ideas and what I want to do.
  • She doesn’t scream at me.
  • She never accuses.
  • She does not use foul language,
  • She is very nice, gentle and even tempered.
  • She does not criticize me, ever.
  • She doesn’t compare me to other men, or bring up old boyfriends.
  • My wife lets me be me and does not try to change me.
  • She keeps the past in the past and does not talk too much.
  • My wife doesn’t complain about what she doesn’t have, or about things about me that annoy her or circumstances that I cannot control.
  • My wife lets me make all the decisions or we discuss these things together.
  • My wife doesn’t gossip or talk negatively about others.
  • She is positive, not negative.
  • My wife does not argue with me, or anyone.
  • My wife is not verbally abusive to me.

It was only by leaving her did I gain the simple freedom of a life free of all this pain.

Simple Freedom Free From  Boredom, Excessive Toil, Exhaustion and Tedious Work

There is so much to do, to see, to read, to watch, to listen to and to experience. You should never need to experience much boredom.

Why do you want to have so much work that is hard to do? There are labor saving machines and tools to do most of the hard work. There are younger people and people who will do the hard work that is excessive for you. They want to do it now when they are young.  There is nothing wrong with a bit of hard work from time to time.  But a lifetime of it will make your life quite short and unpleasant.

Living an exhausted life is not healthy. It is not like wearing the rad badge of courage, it is just a stupid way to live.  You need plenty of sleep and enough time to relax and recharge.

If your work is tedious, you need to start looking for something you actually want to do.

Simple Freedom Free From Invasions of Privacy

Privacy is crucial for anything you want to do. You need long stretches of uninterrupted free time by yourself to do whatever you are trying to do.

You want to avoid the circumstances that cause your privacy to be invaded. You want the pleasure of alone time. You want to obtain the simple freedom of doing what you want to do without someone looking at you.

Final Thoughts

All these crazy restrictions on my freedom and problems I brought on myself.  I chose to work where I worked, chose to get married and chose to stay too long... both.  I did it.  It was not some government or religion or bureaucracy or family  forcing me to do all these things.

But just as I chose to get involved with freedom restricting activities and relationships, I chose the simple freedom to get out of them.

› Simpler Freedom

The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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