Taking Care of Yourself
(Most Men Don't)

You need to be taking care of yourself as well as you take care of others.  Most men are very good at taking care of other people.

Your wives, girlfriends, children, parents, siblings, friends, acquaintances, pets and even strangers live quite well with your support and care.

You bend over backwards to improve the lives of everyone around you.

But do you give yourself that amount of care?

I think most of you do not.

I didn't for many years.  I bought into the self sacrifice idea.  Doing things for other people all the time, neglecting my needs, until my life was a total mess.

Taking Care of Yourself
You Have the Right to a Good Life Too

Most men suffer with all kinds of problems caused by not taking care of themselves.

Look around. Many men

  • Are overweight
  • With no time to exercise
  • Are eating junk food on the run
  • Eating the wrong types of food you need to thrive
  • Do not sleep nearly enough
  • Make a very small income relative to their expenses
  • Have tiny bank accounts
  • Are hen pecked and criticized by their wife or girlfriend
  • Work too much and too hard
  • Defer maintenance on all the critical parts of their lives
  • Have low testosterone
  • Are with women who are not good for them
  • Have no time to think and plan
  • Never sit down to relax on a regular basis
  • Feel stressed out almost all the time

Just writing this list makes me sick.  Because this was my life for years.

Years of my life were wasted suffering with all these stupid frustrations.  This was taking care of yourself...NOT.

Taking Care of Yourself

We get fed a steady stream of garbage continually reinforcing the idea that we (men) are only here to take care of others and that our needs come last.

We only deserve to have what we want after everyone else has what they want.  And since "they" have never ending wants, you never get anything.

What a miserable excuse for a life.

You have to get past that stupid nonsense and focus on your life even as the entire world is set up to make the doing of that much more difficult that it ought to be.

For most men, it is so difficult that they will never get past it.

Those men will spend entire lifetimes living this way.  Bending over backwards for other people, never enjoying their own lives. Shuffling around, trying to please demanding wives, feeling like hell and dying young.

And most of those men are so brainwashed by that propaganda that they do not even realize that there is another life for them free from all that stupidity.

A happy life, free from misery and frustration.  Free from criticism.  Free from excessively hard toil working for others with no real rewards from that hard work. 

Freedom and free time to enjoy life.

An abundant life with enough excess money to do the things you want to do and have the things you want to have.

That type of life is available to you.

I Have Lived Both Ways
Misery For a Long Time
and Now Happiness

ahappiermanMe Taking Care of Myself

I've spent most of my life in misery and frustration.  Bending over backwards trying to please a demanding wife.  It started out with her using sweet talk slowly getting me to do everything that she wanted and none of what I wanted. 

It ended up with me listening to her non-stop criticism and complaints.  Doing everything she wanted only it not being enough.

She nagged, complained, criticized, screamed and used other forms of verbal abuse to dissolve my life into a living hell.

I jumped up to an alarm clock, raced to get ready to work, raced to work, worked at a furious pace for much longer than 8 hours a day, raced home, choked down a meal and got busy working on a long honey-do list that kept me going all night. 

I rarely relaxed.  If my wife caught me relaxing, there would be hell to pay.  The only time I relaxed was when she collapsed in front of the TV watching some type of garbage show and fell asleep.

Most of my life I was never really free from this systematic beating down from others either.

Bosses, coaches, pastors, priests, teachers, family, acquaintances and even random strangers all demanding that I spend all of my time, energy and money doing what "they" deem I should be doing.

My precious life ticking by in front of my eyes doing everything for others with no time for me.

A shitty life to be sure.  For me then.

But not now.

Now, I spent the vast majority of my life doing almost exactly what I want.

Bending over backwards to please someone else is not something that I do anymore.  Everything I do is because I want to do.

If it doesn't creates happiness for me or improve my life in some way for future happiness...I don't do it.

When I find myself doing something or involved in something that does not feel right, I quickly change course.  Politely, or graciously, or sometimes mysteriously bowing out without explanation.

No one has called me out on all this either.

Taking care of yourself means you just do that and it might mean the hell with others.

I have ordered my life to do what I want and other people adjust.

It was not always this way.

When I left my wife she did not quietly agree that our marriage was over and adjust.  She escalated her horrible behavior trying to convince to return by guilt, manipulation, coercion and sometimes physical means.

She tried everything and it took years of constant, persistent effort for me to have this type of happy life.  And it is worth it.

Taking care of yourself is worth it.

Taking Care of Yourself from MGTOW is Freedom

Excellent video adding even more evidence that men need to take back control of their lives

Men's Health from MGTOW is Freedom.

› Taking Care of Yourself

The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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