Treat Yourself Well
No One Else Will

Treat yourself well because no one else will.

I remember a friend telling me you have to treat yourself.  He wanted to go out for an ex-cream sundae.

At that time in my life I did not believe in spending extra money on going out to eat or even desert. It was hard for me to spend 3 or 4 dollars on ice cream. I thought this was too extravagant, too expensive, too much.

I thought I should not spend so much money on food.

Now I can't believe I thought so little of myself that I could not buy an ice cream sundae.

I remember going on a trip to L.A. with some friends many years ago. We spent a week there and had a great time. One of our side trips was to a fancy mall to buy some L.A. clothing.

I ended up buying some awesome shorts. These shorts fit me perfectly. I wore them for years. I looked great in them. Many women even commented positively about them, and even ran their sexy hands over the soft material.

At the time I felt guilty for spending so much on one pair of shorts.

I expressed my guilt to one of my friends and he was kind of incredulous I would feel this way.

He said it was ok to buy some good clothes once in a while. A man can look good. He said it was important to have some good looking clothes that you loved.

Treat Yourself Well

Both friends were right and I was totally wrong.

They treated themselves well. They both have years of extra happiness than I have...years.

They do not believe in misery, or lack.

They believe in treating themselves well and now I do.

The More You Treat Yourself Well, The Better

The more I treat myself well, the better I feel.

The more things I buy that I love the happier I am.

Try it. Get out of the scrimping and saving mode. Get out of spending money on other people.

If you are married to a woman who insists you scrimp and save to get by while she does not work and spends all the money you make on foolishness, you have to leave her.

You are the one working. You have to be the one who decides how you spend the money you make. If you are married, the only way you will be happy is if you are making all the decisions on what you spend your money on.

I know this sounds sexist. It sounds wrong.

But this is your life we are talking about. You have to do what you want and this includes what you spend your money on.

I have been spending a lot of money on what I want and I am loving my life more and more.

I still have my normal bills to pay. I still have responsibilities to my children.

But as I have money available, I buy what I want.

And as I have more money available in the future, I will buy and experience more and more of what I want.

It is my life to live as I see fit.

Try this method. It is fun. You feel better about life if when you are shopping you are looking for what you want.

You feel better writing what you want on your lists.

You feel better surfing the internet looking at what you want.

I know is sounds selfish. But this is your life. You need to treat yourself well. No one else will. You are not a slave to your wife. You are not a slave to anyone. You are a free man to walk the earth as you see fit.

From Thought Catalog

25 Little Ways to Treat Yourself Well

Good advice.

Here are some of my favorite purchases

I treat myself well by spending money on this truck
  • My dark blue, 4 wheel drive, 4 door, 1/2 ton, Ford F150 XLT
  • My super comfortable queen size bed.
  • My 3 bedroom apartment in a nice suburban neighborhood.
  • My big, comfortable recliner.
  • Going out for coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert or drinks whenever I want.
  • Taking care of my teeth.
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy.
  • Thyroid prescription.
  • New shoes and boots as often as possible.
  • Steadily paying off my old bills so I will be able to buy even more of the things and experiences I desire.

Those Things Were a Stretch To Me

Everything on the list above is a stretch to me.  Everything on that list above I wanted but I waited.  I did without.

And it caused me a lot of pain.

The pain of

  • Driving old beaters that were always breaking down and getting stuck in the snow.
  • Sleeping in an old bed that was so uncomfortable that I could not sleep well at all.
  • Trying to fit me and two teenagers, a boy and a girl, in a cramped, second floor apartment.
  • Only having old, beaten chairs, that I quickly broke.
  • Avoiding going out for food of any kind.
  • Letting my teeth go.
  • Such low testosterone I felt 25 years older than I was.
  • No energy.
  • Worn out shoes making my feet ache.
  • A massive pile of bills with an overwhelming debt load.

But I have gotten past all that stupid pain and misery.  Treat yourself well and you will too.

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The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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