You Do It
Take the Initiative

You do it.  You have to take responsibility for your life. Your initiative in creating your life is the key to a great life for you.  A lack of initiative will hold you so far back that your chance of a good life is basically zero.

Waiting for others to do something for you or the group you are in rarely ever works out for you.  Many times this even backfires.  Your rights get trampled.  At a minimum, the time you spend being involved is wasted along with the time wasted in waiting and assuming the "right" person will do the "right" thing.

Your life is only as good as you make it.  The effort you put into whatever you are doing is how you make progress.

Voting, politics, group efforts, changing laws and rules and hoping any of this will make your life better is a foolish dream.

You Do It and the World

How do you make the world a better place?

You do it.
Sounds good, but how?  How do you do that?  Where do you start?  When do you have the time?
You make the world a better place by making YOUR world a better place.  After all, the planet is pretty big.  I do not believe the tired old song of It's a Small World.  The world is bigger than can be imagined.  Has anyone really been everywhere and done everything?  I didn't think so.
Getting back to your world.  Start there and stay there.  The better your world, the better the world at large.  If you are taking care of yourself in a manner that you like, then you are not a drag on anyone else.  You will be buying goods and services from others and that will be improving their world.  The more we all do that the better for everyone.

When your little world is better handled you have a chance to make a difference in the lives of others.

When your life is a mess, other people have to expend massive amounts of effort helping you so you are not a total basket case.

Podcast from Mike Cernovich

The 4 Most Dangerous Words

Hint -

The 4 most dangerous words are - You Should be Doing.

My dad's philosophy was "Do what needs to be done".

I have thought this out and expanded on it somewhat by adding:

Do what needs to be done and do not do what doesn't need to be done.

Do that and your life will become simple.

Your goal, or quest, of creating a better life for yourself, will be severely restricted when you are busy and exhausted doing what does not need to be done.

This simple idea is where so many people go so wrong. You are so busy, so exhausted, so spent from doing what does not need to be done, that you have no energy to do what does need to be done.

I see this constantly.

People are busy running around chaotically doing all kinds of things that do not matter. They may think that they matter,but in reality, they do not.

From Eban Pagen's new book - "Opportunity"

Let go of the activities, patterns, habits, relationships, thoughts, and other aspects of life that are not delivering high returns to you.

Is it really that important to

  • Go to every event?
  • Watch every minute of your favorite shows?
  • Have a spotless house?
  • Fill in every line?
  • Watch every second of the game?
  • Do half the things you are doing?

Or could you just as easily step away from that?

Could you stop doing half of what you are doing and gain an enormous amount of free time. Free time to do the things you want to do?

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