How to Look Forward to Monday
You don't have to dread it

I look forward to Monday.  I don't dread Monday's, I welcome them.

I used to be like you, dreading Mondays, not enjoying my Sundays worrying about Monday.  I used to be tired and dragging on Monday and knowing I would have a tough day.

But I have changed all that. 

I have a few key ways that I look forward to Mondays.

I don't work so many of them.  I enjoy my weekends.  I enjoy my Sundays.  I like my work.  I don't say I hate Mondays.  I do things on Monday that I like.  I do some fun things on Monday.

I Don't Work so Many Mondays

Most people have Memorial Day Monday and Labor Day Monday off.  So that's two.  Where I work, we have Martin Luther King Jr. Monday off.  That's 3 for me.

I work 4 hours on Friday.  So I like to take 3 day weekends off for only 4 hours of vacation.  I extend it further by taking some other Mondays off.

In 2015 I only worked 47 Mondays.  Plus a few of those Mondays I only worked a partial day for a few hours off and some dental and doctor appointments for me and my kids.

So out of a 12 month year of Mondays, I only worked 11 months of Mondays.

I know Mondays can be long, so I don't have so many.

I Enjoy My Weekends

I can't think of anyone who does not enjoy their weekends.  There is not a job in the world that is so good you don't enjoy some downtime.

My weekends as a married man were not that great so I am not going to dwell on them now.

I prefer to reflect on better times.

Some of my weekends as a young man were incredibly wild, fun, drunken, filled with constant laughter and even some sex with strange women.  I even have a couple of these wild weekends a year now.  I still love this.

In those days I needed Mondays to work the excess beer out of my system and work out hard that night to look and feel good again the following weekend.  Plus I was smiling and laughing to myself all day thinking of the weekend antics.

Many of my best weekends have been in the last 8 years where I spent hours on the phone with my dad.  Now, with him gone I am looking for some way to fill that void.

I Enjoy My Sundays so I Look Forward to Mondays

It''s critical that you enjoy your Sundays almost as much as your Saturdays.  You need to go out of your way to make Sundays good.

I like the fall Sundays filled with pro football.  My team is the Green Bay Packers so I rarely miss any of those games and even any plays.  But I don't really watch sports except for that.

I normally make my best meal of the week on a Sunday evening.  I will usually enjoy a few beers either while I am grilling a summer meal or later in the evening relaxing in front of the TV.

There are so many ways to make your Sundays better

  • Take a nap.
  • Go out for breakfast.
  • Go out for brunch.
  • Go out for coffee.  I have some of the best talks with my 21 year old son when we sit in a nice coffee shop.
  • Go out for lunch.
  • Go out for dinner.
  • Go out for desert.
  • Go out for drinks, but not too many.
  • Go golfing.
  • Go hiking.
  • Have your most productive workout.
  • Read.
  • Go to a movie.
  • Eat well.
  • Watch something good on TV.  Netflix helps.
  • Watch sports.
  • Go hunting or fishing.
  • Go shopping either getting something nice for yourself or dreaming of something you will get later.
  • Go to bed earlier.

I Like My Work

Be creative and look forward to Mondays

I love being a civil engineer.  I am very good at it.  I am respected in my field.  Engineering is a good field to begin with and civil engineering is as real as it gets.

I have finally made it into a high quality of life type of work.  I make the happier income level and I have a lot of time off.

The work I do each week is important to my organization, my co-workers and the world.  I deeply believe that.  So it is not difficult to be motivated to work each day and especially on Mondays as I try to pump out as much work as possible.

I want to be valuable and getting work done makes anyone valuable.  But you will not go wrong working hard.

What really helps me is to work a little harder on Fridays and get a little better organized on Friday so when you get to work on Monday you know just what to do.

I Don't Say I Hate Mondays

If you continually say you hate Mondays, that you dread them...that will be your reality.

Use the power of your words to continually say to yourself that you like Mondays, that you will get a lot done every Monday, that it is only a day, that every day of the week has good things going for it.

Make it your most productive day at work.

Some disturbing facts about Mondays from Dr. Sinatra

Heart Attack Risk Factors Rise on Mondays

If you dread Mondays, start making  So you can look forward to Mondays for much, much longer.

I Look Forward to Mondays By Doings Things I Like

Knowing that Mondays tend to be a little tougher than most days I go out of my way to do things I like on Monday.

Here are my some simple ways to enjoy Mondays

  • Go out for lunch.
  • Take it easy Monday night.  Don't plan on doing a lot of irritating housework, chores or errands.
  • Watch something good on Monday nights.
  • At work, I try to go in the field many Mondays.  I need to do this anyway, so I schedule it for Mondays.  I get outside, driving around through beautiful areas and do some walking.
  • I schedule doctor and dental appointments for me and my kids on Mondays making some of those days a little shorter.
  • I try to get a lot done on Mondays so I can coast a little more the rest of the week.
  • I keep saying it is only a day.

One More Thing...I Listen to Great Monday Songs

The Mama's and the Papa's sound so good.

Jimmy Buffet seems like one of the happiest men on earth.

› Look Forward to Monday

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